The Simone & Pierre Clerdent Foundation 
The Simone and Pierre Clerdent Foundation was created as a Foundation of Public Utility in 2006. 

The Foundation has been incepted by the Count Pierre Clerdent, former Governor of the Province of Liège, with the objective to promote and support medical research in human neurology.

To this end, the Foundation grants research projects conducted in the field of human neurological disorders by Principal Investigators based in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
 Objective and scope of the Award

The Clerdent Award is granted to independent investigators to conduct basic, translational or clinical research in human neurology in the Federation Wallonia-Brussels of Belgium and to consolidate their research team and program.   

The awarded project must aim at better understanding the biological basis, improving diagnosis, or advancing the treatment of nervous system pathologies. Research can encompass all stages from bench to bedside.

Main features of the Award 

  • Funding: 
The Award amounts to 400.000€ and aims at supporting a 3-year research project. The yearly-required amount will be transferred anticipatively each year on the university or the university hospital bank account of the laureate.

  • Reporting:
The beneficiary is required to submit a mid-term scientific, financial and communication report at the latest eighteen (18) months after the start of the project. Continued support to the beneficiary’s research project will be subject to the positive evaluation of this mid-term report. In case of negative evaluation, the support will be discontinued.

The beneficiary is also requested to submit a final report at the latest two months after the end of the project.

  • Eligible expenses:
Eligible expenses encompass personnel costs, operating costs, and equipment. However, the Award cannot be used for travel purposes.
  • Overheads:
The beneficiary is responsible for taking the necessary steps to benefit from the price net of all overhead costs retained by the institution to which he/she belongs.

Schedule Of The Call

  • Opening: 18 December 2023
  • Deadline: 29 February 2024
  • Jury meeting: 27 May 2024
  • Award ceremony: October 2024
  • Start of project: 1 November 2024

The call is closed